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The Signature Session

Our most popular photo shoot package is the Signature Session - a memorable experience catered to your taste! Start off with a pre-shoot consultation with owner and photographer Lori Brystan to express the feeling, style, and result you’d like to achieve with the portraits created. Next, brainstorm with Lori on the details…hair, make-up, set, wardrobe, and any inspiration you draw from. The day of your shoot you’re well-rested and ready to go! Feel pampered in the Beauty Room with professional hair and make-up, slip on something that makes you feel like a million bucks, and let Lori do the work behind the camera! We all have moments of nervousness about stepping in front of a camera, but that feeling melts away as soon as the shutter clicks with Lori. Enjoy yourself and go for the ride! Now that your images are ready to be viewed, we invite you to experience them for the first time in our Theatre Room complete with red curtain, candles, chocolates, and beverages. Bring your family, your partner, a friend. The slideshow preview of your images is one of the most exciting aspects of the Signature Session! A creative director then guides you through every image to create the portraits of your dreams.

Call us today to book your Signature Session! 949.831.3774